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Aravan LLC: Expert in Rabies Research, Education and Consulting

Despite the success in development of novel biologics, enhanced strategies of prevention and control, various infectious diseases still present a significant public health and veterinary threat.  We have over 20 years of experience in consulting and research of infectious diseases, primarily viral zoonoses. These include a broad spectrum of activity implemented worldwide. We performed field expeditions for a variety of emerging zoonotic pathogens in Siberia, Eastern Europe, Central and South-East Asia, and Equatorial Africa. These surveys led to discovery of several novel pathogens of veterinary and public health significance, such as lyssaviruses, coronaviruses, paramyxoviruses, a rotavirus, and other.

We have hands-on expertise in a variety of laboratory diagnostic tests, such as pathogen isolation in vitro and in vivo, fluorescent microscopy, serologic tests, molecular methods such as PCR, gene sequencing, and molecular cloning. Our experience includes not only implementation of these methods but their invention, modification, evaluation, standardization and troubleshooting. We are familiar with CLIA requirements, and with the development of relevant documentation for standard operational procedures and protocols, their validation, quality control, proficiency testing and competency assessment.

We have been capable to perform large-scale phylogenetic and evolutionary analyses of viral genes in search of pathogenic determinants and molecular drivers of host shifts of emerging zoonotic pathogens, aimed to improve the surveillance, early detection, control and prevention of outbreaks and epidemics.
We performed significant number of experiments in various animal models, including rodents, carnivores and bats. These studies included research of pathogenesis and evaluation of safety and efficacy of different commercial and experimental biologics, designed to protect humans and animals from dangerous infectious agents. During these studies we obtained expertise of working with IACUC, searching for optimal strategies to meet the Replace, Refine, Reduce and other modern requirements for animal research.

Our educational experience includes consulting, public health outreach, development of scientific and plain language lectures, field sampling and laboratory diagnostic training, supervision and mentoring of Master and Ph.D. students, scientists, and practitioners in different areas of infectious disease work.

Our scientific writing covers a broad spectrum of grant applications, multiple scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals with international circulations, and scholar book chapters.

Our in-depth expertise covers different aspects of rabies prevention and control. This includes rabies in wildlife reservoir, domestic animals and humans in framework of the “one health” concept. Questions related to pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis; evaluation of biologics; pathogenesis of the disease; distribution, phylogeny and ecology of rabies and non-rabies lyssaviruses in different areas of the world; strategies for rabies control and elimination.

Our work:

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